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A must have tour packet when visiting Holmes County, Ohio. Over 6 hours of personalized backroad driving routes, ($110.00 value) in addition to a detailed narrative on the Amish way of life. Forget your GPS and let Siri take a break. The two booklets have been designed to navigate with ease and location of over 184 local attractions, restaurants and wineries.

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Driving the Amish

Driving the Amish

January 18th, 2018 by LaVonne Debois

For over 30 years, I have driven Amish. In fact, many people who are retired or just enjoy driving, take...

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The Buzz about The BUDGET

The Buzz about The BUDGET

January 31st, 2017 by LaVonne Debois

Longer than you and I have been alive, THE BUDGET newspaper has been a mainstay source of local and national news...

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Guggisberg Swiss Inn ~ A Four-in-one-Inn

Guggisberg Swiss Inn ~ A Four-in-one-Inn

July 06th, 2016 by LaVonne Debois

Visitors flock to Ohio's Amish Country, a.k.a. Holmes County to experience opportunities often not found in their...

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A Taste of Curiosity and Change

My passion and love of the area began in the early 1960’s visiting my grandparents who lived in the village of Trail, just 3 miles north of Walnut Creek. With curiosity, my interaction with Amish was limited by watching families come into the store owned by my grand parents. Looking back, it seemed the children were as curious about me as I was them, but we kept our thoughts and questions to ourselves as our eyes looked on with wonderment. My grandparents, (the Millers) catered to the local community by selling groceries, dry goods, boots and shoes. I would observe young boys bringing muskrats they trapped in the nearby creeks to the store since grandma bought their furs. I still meet local Amish men today that tell me stories of when they were young and how grandma would buy their furs. Grandma would talk “Dutch” to her customers and periodically slip a candy bar into the hand of a young child. I can still see the twinkle in the child's eye and a smile from ear to ear.

Little did I know, 30 years later, I would be starting my own tour company then called Amish Heartland Tours.  I realized just how much visitors wanted authentic cultural experiences.  I was able to give them unique one on one opportunities due to my local relationships with the Amish.

You can also buy them at the Berlin Grande Hotel and Sols Craft Mall in Berlin, Ohio.

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