Where is your name?

Posted on March 27, 2018 by LaVonne Debois
Where is your name?

I recently moved.  You too, know what that involves.  Even though the excitement of moving brings new opportunities, friends and experiences, it does not lessen all the work that goes with it.  Once you get moved, then the fun begins. We sort through, throw away, rearrange, donate to a thrift store, keep what we still cant decide to do with and make ready the location for the next occupant.

As I was doing all of the above, I came across a big cardboard box.  The ones whose sides were bulging out from all of the contents that I packed in.

What I found was 28 years of books from my tour company.  Reservations books. Books that represented every single day of my life since 1991. 

The small books in the front right side were the very first ones.  I could schedule a whole days activities into a little square. I even found an address book where I kept a list of my local vendors contact information.
I didn't even have a computer or cell phone when I started out. Little by little, more and more names would be entered into the reservation books. There are still sticky notes representing specific Amish cooks who were preparing meals that day.  It also shows if I had a hair appointment, a hot date, who was late for a tour, how many motorcoach groups were scheduled that day, what tour guided was scheduled, who stopped in to visit, or another project I was doing. My life is in those books along with thousands of other peoples names.

One of the first things we would ask a visitor when booking a tour is their name.  Webster defines a name as a word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known by.  The only thing I knew each day was the name of the people I would be meeting.  I did not know the person.  Our parents gave us names the day we were born.  They did not know us yet.  Maybe our names would change as we grew up.  We may have been given nick-names that people would come to know us by.

Technically, I should have destroyed all those books or put them in a locked safe.  The information in is no longer of value, just good memories. 

There are, however, many names of people of whom I still have contact with that I met through my tour.  We became Facebook friends, personal friends, friends who I visited on my travels and friends to call on me when they are in town to have breakfast together.  You know who you are.  You have become more to me than just a name.

I also think of all the other places where our name is.  It's almost scary!

When we give people our names to make reservations, we want to prove our name is on the list, so we ask for a confirmation number.

Think of all the forms we fill out in our lifetime, job applications, volunteer sign up sheets, applications for credit cards, reward cards for grocery stores, bank loans, car loans, and the list goes on and on.  In time, that information becomes null and void because of changes along life's way.

Some names are written places in stone, others in our hearts and even sometimes, names are written in the sky, and some names are already taken and cannot be used.  You know the frustration when looking for a username or personalized plates that already have been taken.  Ugh!

Yet again, over time, the names fade.

There is someone else who knows you by name.  He knew you before you were formed in your mothers womb.  He has called you by name.  He knows you so well, he knows the number of hairs on our head (or the lack of hair).

As we approach this coming Easter, I am reminded of a book where our names should all be. It's in a book where neither moth nor time can destroy.  It is a book that will never need shredded. 

If you have met the author of this book, then you know as a believer who has put their faith and trust in Jesus, the author, your name indeed is in the Lambs Book of Life.

In fact, the book says our name is tattooed on the palm of its authors hand. I know mine is.

Isaiah 49:15,16