The Buzz about The BUDGET

Posted on January 31, 2017 by LaVonne Debois
The Buzz about The BUDGET

Longer than you and I have been alive, THE BUDGET newspaper has been a mainstay source of local and national news for the Amish-Mennonite Communities across America.

Established in1890 in Sugarcreek, Ohio, it has maintained its non-conformity format in comparison to other media newspapers.

What you will not find in THE BUDGET...

1. National Political propaganda                                                                    

2. Celebrity gossip

3. Stock market

4. Movie theater or entertainment section

What you will find in THE BUDGET...

 1. Local school sports

 2. Hometown news, classified ads and auctions

 3. County Police and Sheriff's log

 4. Local meetings

 5. Local church news and events

 6. Obituaries

 7. Bookmobile schedule

 8. Agriculture section

 9. History notes from the past 60 years

10 The "Shower" Section

11. National section of hundreds of scribes

THE BUDGET is printed once a week and is published on Wednesdays.  Nearly every Amish home is a subscriber.  It has been dubbed as the "Amish Facebook page" because of all the information shared about various communities and peoples happenings from week to week.  Personal names are mentioned in addition to who came to visit, lost a loved one, had a new addition to the family and how the weather is in their neck of the woods.

One thing I noticed is how each scribe outlines their weekly news.  It is first listed in bold print which community they represent, such as CHARM, OHIO.  The first line always begins with the weather.

Following the weather, they usually outline the location where the previous church services were held and who attended including visitors.

The interesting dialogs follow with what exciting and unusual happenings occurred in their community.